ParticleSim is a program which simulates the motion of particles due to electric charge and gravitational force. Calculations are done in two dimensions, without care given to real world factors such as air resistance, although such functionality may be added later.

Project News:
ParticleSim Site Launched
May 23, 2006
The site is up, hoorah. Currently, it's all static pages, and there are some tables in the design. I may get rid of the tables, just for semantics' sake, if I have a couple spare moments (or hours) in the near future, but obviously the current priority is working on ParticleSim, which is rapidly nearing an alpha release. As for the static pages thing, I may integrate my PHP/XML news system into the site, but it's not a priority. Although it does come higher than getting rid of the tables. After all, they don't make up a whole lot of the design. Anyways, that's all. Now back to work.

-Robert Bieber